Date: 27th May 2016
Wind Solar Hybrid Battery
Yangzhou anding lighting manufacturing ?Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China wind solar hybrid battery ?manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.andinglighting.com, and as a professional company, we have our own productive factory, which is able to produce best and newest solar battery & colloid battery, gelled battery, solar battery, colloid battery, solar street light battery products, welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.Wind Solar Hybrid battery Wind And Solar battery, Also Called Solar Hybrid battery Features of Wind Solar hybrid battery: Two charging mode solar street lights are designed into one combined system, if there is sunlight but no wind energy, the solar panel can charges the battery, meanwhile, if there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can charge the battery. If both wind & solar energy is good enough, both can charge the battery. The wind solar battery need to have the ability to ?store the energy from the wind ?and solar .